E I D M U B A R A K to all


Just recently, I have been celebrating Eid. This happens after every last ramadan. We also celebrate another Eid which is just after few months of Ramadan.

The Eid that come after the last day of Ramadan is called Eid Ul Fitr. This is to celebrate the happiness and the peace that Muslims observed during Ramadan. This day is also when Shaytan (the devil) fast, while we eat. It is a like festival. This Eid usually lasts for a whole day. It is to celebrate all of the good tasks that Muslims have completed in order to gain sunnat, respect and trust towards Allah (SWT).
These things could be:
-Donating money, clothes or food
-Praying more than how much one does
-Observing EVERY fast with peace
-Helping others
-Reading Quran
-Read tasbih
-Helping the ill people
-Supporting the poor
-Teaching others the righteous things
-Teaching yourself the righteous things
-Doing the righteous things

AND much, much more.

The second Eid that comes after a few months is called Eid Ul Adha. It is to celebrate the sacrifice of Adam and the pilgrimage of hajj. This Eid usually lasts for three days.

On Eid, woman makes tasty food for guest and themselves. Men goes to the mosque in the morning and come back after completing Eid prayer. Women and Men also dress themselves. Women get money as a gift from men, mostly who are married. Those men could be their uncles, cousins, grandparent, brother and so on. Eid is where Muslims celebrates with their family with great feast, happiness and laughter.

Well I got to say on Eid day, I usually fatten myself up with so many unbelievably tasty food. Everyone look amazing. It is colourful. It is peaceful. There were happiness.

I like to go for a simple look as simplicity always suits me.


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