Welcome everyboooooooooddddddddddddddddyyyyyy!

Let's start off with Ramadan. I am fasting today as part of my religion.
Well Allah is testing me if I am keeping all of the fast. Insha'Allah I will. Ameen.

Firstly, why do Muslims fast? In order to gain Allah's (SWT) trust, we must fast. Each year, there is one holy month in which every Muslims must fast. While it is Ramadan, some Muslims donated to charity, they focus to their prayers five times a day or even more, they do not drink or eat a single breadcrumb, they go to the mosque more than how much they usually would, they can finish a whole quran in a month or even read more than once. It is to build their trust to Allah and strengthen their belief.

Ramadan is one of the five pillar that is a must for each Muslims. Insha'Allah every Muslims will have a great ramadan.

What does Insha'Allah mean?

Muslims say Insha'Allah similarly how you say I wish or it will happens. However, they say Insha'Allah meaning if Allah wills it to happen. For example, I would say Insha'Allah I will pass every test successfully, that I will go through in my life. Ameen

I hear Masha'Allah too. What is the meaning of that?

Masha'Allah: It means you appreciate it. It is showing the appreciation of what you are referring to. For example, I will always say Masha'Allah I have a family who loves me.

Moving on...

I have made samosa today for iftari. It is filled with vegetable, mince lamb, spices. Although, I am craving for samosa chaat. They are even tastier!  TRY IT in any pakistani/Indian restaurant or cafe.

This is what they look like. Even I suggested two friends of mine to try it. They loved it.

It is mouth watering, savoury, spicey, cool, hot, hint of lemon kick oh it's so delicious.

This is the one that I have made.


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