W E D D I N G in a Pakistani way!

Hello Everybody!

I hope you are all good. I have been so busy with wedding, university work and other work.

Firstly, let me show you some pictures of how the cultural pakistani weddings are like.

Mehndi Ceremony

Another mehndi ceremony

Another mehndi ceremony

Wedding table

Myself from behind

There were around 10 chandliers!
Of course the hall was gorgeous!

Usually, there would be four events. First event would be Dholki, where only bride's close female relative and friends or groom's close female relative and friends would go to a place such as a small hall or a garden. They would sing, dance talk and eat to create an happy atmosphere.

It is not necessary to do this. Some family prefer not to do this because it might be expenses, religion or any other reasons. 

Next event would be Mehndi ceremony. Occasionally, bride and groom do a separate ceremony. However, it is the choice of their if they wish to do it together. 
A bride/ groom would wear simple traditional Pakistani clothing. The close female relatives of the bride would walk with her to the hall. She would sit on the seat with  a beautiful and multi colour stage. This would be the same with the groom as well but for the groom, it would be his close male relatives. 
After this the close female relative of the bride/ groom's would walk into the hall, each with a gorgeous decorated plate filled with candle lit and mehndi. (Mehndi or in some cases, people would call it henna. They are actually henna leaves crushed into paste.) Females like us would wear this on our hands or even feet!

Girls and boys would dance during the Mehndi with the DJ music.
There would be tasty food such as Samosas, Dhai, chicken curry, pilau rice and kebab.

Sometimes, a Nikkah is conducted. The important task of all is Nikkah. This is a special quote from the Quran in which the special man (Molvi) speaks to both bride and groom if they are willingly to accept each other. They both will speak few lines that are needed for them to become husband and wife. Then they would both sign on their marriage papers.

Mostly this happened on the wedding.

Please see links below to see how we would celebrate it the wedding. 
(This is not any of my relatives' wedding)

I hope you all will enjoy the videos!


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