Confidence in myself

Hello Everybody!

Today I will be talking about confidence. As some of you may know that I am hearing impaired and I was deaf since the day I was born. I am and I will always be (Insha'Allah) a Muslim girl. I love my religion because it is so peaceful and Allah (SWT) and his messenger Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) taught me how to have patience, be calm, work hard, pray in the righteous ways to forgive your sins and others' sins.

Let's move on.

When I was younger in a primary school, a few pupils didn't like me. Because I was a deaf girl who couldn't hear well and/or I am an Brtish Asian girl. I've always tried to be friends with everyone, but I realised within time that not everyone can like me.

I have had problems with showing my devices when my hair is up in a pony tail style because I thought they were embarrassing to look at. Then I realised that I shouldn't be embarassed at all because it is mine. You shouldn't care if someone said bad to you, but you should always make yourself better and stronger.
But now I have confidence in myself. I learned to make friends (VERY good friends), I've communicate so well, I've learnt to co operate with others, but most importantly to show others that they should love their body no matter what anyone said.
Nobody should be depressed because they are not perfect. I am glad I have hearing impairment, otherwise I would have been too "proud" of myself and showing off what I have. Allah SWT gave me everything, but just took one thing away from me which is my hearing. BUT that is a test. All it takes is to have patience.


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