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Hey Everyone! I hope you are all enjoying the weather. Here in Britain, it is raining with a bit of sunshine as usual.

I have recently been celebrating my cousin's wedding. Because of my culture and background, we celebrate weddings differently to other people like Christians.

First we had a "Dholki" ceremony. In this event, only ladies are invited as part of our tradition. We sang, danced and most of all played the drum. "Dholki" means a long, round and two headed hand drum. However, this event is not necessarily needed.

Next, we had two "Mehndi" ceremonies, in another word, "Rasm-e-hina". In this occasion, guests attend the ceremony, meet and greet others, watched the dance performance by the close female relatives, give money as a gift to the bride/groom, apply henna on the bride/groom's hand and oil on their hair. Of course, they do eat food too!
On this day, the colour theme are usually yellow and green. Guests and the couple would wear those colour. Now a day, it has slightly changed, people could wear any colour they want to the "Mehndi" unless specified. The reason why we had two "Mehndi" ceremonies was because the groom and bride wished to do it separately. However, some couple chose to do it together as one "Mehndi" ceremony.

Mehndi Outfit 1

Mehndi Outfit 2

Afterward, we celebrated the main day! WEDDING DAY! Everyone looked stunning and absolutely dashing. I had a make up artist to do mine and my sister's hair and make up. She was absolutely amazing! The make up was flawless and it stayed for a long time. Plus I didn't want to take it off!

Wedding outfit

On the wedding day, the couple did a "nikkah". This is compulsory for every Muslims getting married to ensure that they are married in an Islamic way. Once the nikkah is completed, the bride walked to her husband and then we all congratulated each other and enjoyed the rest of the day with sunshine, food and guests. Afterward, she leaves her family and live with her husband onwards.

The groom's family organised "Walima" which happened after the wedding. This is to celebrate the couple's marriage. Basically it is having an massive after party. And yes! this was SO much fun!

The hall for Walima

Walima stage

How amazing my hand look with these jewellery and nails are also on fleek!


How AMAZING my cousin's dress is!

OMG GUYS! If you want to see more images of what Asian wedding look like, you MUST check out my Pinterest. I have put together an album of other weddings all around the world, just so you can have a look!


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