Hey everyone! So I have been featured on @muslimsoftheworld1 quite a while ago to inspire people! Check them out on instagram!

"Being a fashion student, a Muslim girl, and a deaf person is a different thing. I strive to earn a good result in GCSEs, a high score in college and now InshaAllah the highest degree in University. Ameen.
Being a Muslim and a deaf girl is hard. To be able to learn the quran and salah (prayer), I need to hear. Yes, I failed to hear things. But everytime, I reminded myself that Allah (SWT) is there with me. I wear two hearings devices in my ears. Only because of Allah, I can hear.
What about those who can't hear? or can't see? Who have no parents? No home? No food? A L H A M D U L L I L A H that I have these things. It's only one thing that I don't have. Hear. I always hope that as a fashion designer to be, I see myself sewing old clothes into new fashion trends and giving it to those who need it." - Aishah Jan - October 2015


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