Asalamu alaikum and welcome back Guys!

So, I know some of you were waiting for me to explain what Islam is for me, do I like Islam, what do I do as a Muslim and so on.

Firstly, Islam is a beautiful and peaceful religion. There were so many amazing prophets in Islam (May Allah SWT keep them in the highest place in Jannat). The last prophet is called Muhammad (SAW). There is no other prophet after Muhammad (SAW)

Before I keep talking, let me just quickly brief you a few keywords that you'll see in this blog or even other Islamic stories.

- Allah - The only god whom Muslims believe in - The creator of everything
- Quran - A holy book given to Muhammad (SAW). This book is to guide every Muslims in this world to do righteous deeds, to understand different prophets' stories, to do what Allah has given them, to tell Muslims about what they should do in order to gain more good deeds.
- Muhammad (SAW) - Allah's messenger
- SAW - Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam - Also known as PBUH (Peace and Blessing upon him)
- SWT - Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala
- Jannat - Heaven
- Jahanam - Hell
- Halal - It is allowed 
- Haram - It is forbidden
- Shaytan - Devil

Islam has taught me to stay away from bad things, because they will cause problem for me. Here are few of the following things:
- Alcohol - Drinking this can cause you brain damage, memory loss, anxiety, cancer, heart damages and much more.
- Pork - This meat is haram and there are few other food that must not be eaten. This meat is considered to be unhealthy and harmful because of the amount of fat, toxin and bacteria it contain. Not only this, it also proved that swine flu also was one of the disease that spread all over the world because it has virus which came from pork.
-Murder - Doing this kind of crime can lead to punishment in jail and hate. The victim's family could even cause more crime to get revenge, which is what Shaytan wants.
-Suicide - Allah SWT has given you a life and committing a suicide is what Shaytan wants. Committing a suicide is haram, because after that that person will go straight to Jahanam, whether they are a Muslim or not.

I was born and raised in the UK as a Muslim. I love being a Muslim. I literally find peace in praying namaz and reading Quran. I learnt to read Quran and about Islam by my Mother and a Islamic teacher. This teacher is a Hafiz meaning that he knows the Quran off by heart. A Hafiz knows every single words in the Quran. Namaz is a prayer which Muslims must do five times a day. In every prayer, I prayed that Allah SWT will forgive me for every mistakes that I and my family has made. I always asked from Allah SWT that I and my family will live a happy life. 
In each prayer, I covered myself. It is a must for every women to cover themselves for protection and to respect our religion. Imagine you look at a covered woman and an uncovered woman. You are most likely to look at an uncovered woman because she might be wearing beautiful dress or has a gorgeous hairstyle. You are less likely to look at an covered woman because she is not showing any of her body. Only the husband can have the rights to see his wife. 

Every day I always wear clothing that covered my body. I wear scarves around my neck, however I will inshaAllah sooner or later start wearing hijab.

My religion has taught me to have two things. Patience (Sabr) and forgiveness. Allah SWT will always open another door if your door is closed. No matter how bitter the truth is, always have patience and forgive. Even if it is not your fault in any way, yet forgive and keep patience.
There are so many examples which I can give to you guys to tell you how much Allah SWT has blessed me because I have kept patience and I prayed every day.

One example is my hearing loss. I was born deaf. As I was ageing, my hearing got worse and worse. Yet I kept patience. (I did cry but I kept so much patience). During secondary school, I was noticing that I was not going to get a good grade and achieve much in life. Then I had an operation before I started my final year at secondary school.
This operation took five hours. I prayed to Allah SWT to give me good grades to prove that I am worthy to get a great job and do well in life. Alhamdullilah, my grade went up and  I successfully passed all of my GCSEs.
Then I didn't know what to study in order to kind of 'secure' my life. I went to an open day and bumped into fashion workshop. I realised from that moment, I wanted to do fashion. My parents were more than happy to let me do what I want. The reason why they want me to take it because they told me to take a subject which I know that I will do so well. Even though, I am come from an British Asian background, my parent were still happy for me to do what I want to do. Some thought that this was just a stupid choice but they shooked their head when I started university, Alhamdullilah Allah SWT gave me more than enough. When I posted my design on social media, people are loving it.
I am now standing in front of many people looking at me, thinking how on earth can she go up there? But I tell you what guys! I did so much dua (prayer) to get me to where I am now.
Now I am saying InshaAllah (Allah SWT willing) to help me to be a successful fashion designer, having my own brand which is known internationally and sell many product. I also want to earn money, so I can some to the orphan/poor. I want to make my own charity so others can donate and sew clothes for the orphan. I want to inspire people especially those with disabilities and even Muslims.

On another note, some parent want their children to be a doctor or any high paid jobs so that they can earn money and have a good life. NO. Let the child do what they want to become even if they are A* student. Because your child is much happier and better this way. They could even become an successful business man/woman, earning millions of pounds.

I am not going to lie, but Allah SWT has blessed me the most caring and the most supportive parent I have ever had. The Quran said that I and everyone must respect their parents, even if they did many wrong deeds. However, it is also the child's responsibility to take care of their parent and guide their parent if the child know they are doing the wrong deed.
As a Muslim person, the Jannat is under the mother's feet and the door of Jannat is the father. If the father did many wrong deeds, yet he look after his daughter well and raised her very well, the daughter can save the father from Jahanam. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was asked three times: "who is the most important person?" He replied three times: "My mother". The person asked: "who is the next most important person?"
Prophet Muhammad (SAW) replied: "My father".

 I have had many amazing people whether they are a Muslim or not. Islam seeks that Muslims should be friendly towards others, whether they are Muslim or not. However, it doesn't mean to say I will have a good relationship with a person who does different crime such as stealing and killing. But I can give them guidance to stop this and tell them to work and earn honestly.This applies to Muslims and non Muslims.

Please note: If I have unknowingly wrote any mistake that offended you, please contact me. My intention were to show how good Islam is and what my life is like as a Muslim.


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